TrackMan Handicap In Virtual Golf

What is TrackMan Handicap?

Your TrackMan Handicap is a measure of your playing ability in Virtual Golf. The TrackMan Handicap is inspired by the World Handicap System (WHS) and allows players to compete fairly and promote inclusivity in the game. To find out more about the World Handicap System please visit

If you are logged-in with a TrackMan account, you will receive a TrackMan Handicap after your first round of Virtual Golf. From that point, your TrackMan Handicap is automatically updated after each round of Virtual Golf.


How is my TrackMan Handicap obtained (new golfer)?

  • To obtain a TrackMan Handicap, only one round of 9 or 18 holes must be played; No partial rounds are allowed
  • If the first round is 9 holes, a player's initial TrackMan Handicap is generated based on their gross score x2
  • After the first round, 9-hole rounds are adjusted to determine gross score by giving players net par on the remaining holes based on the player's current handicap
  • NO mulligans can be taken in a round that counts towards your TrackMan Handicap
  • Rounds must be played using a gimme distance of 8ft / 2.4m or less, and includes auto-putt settings

Your TrackMan Handicap is calculated from the best 8 scores from the last 20 rounds. As a new score is submitted a player's TrackMan Handicap will automatically update to the most recent 20 scores. A player's handicap usually updates immediately after their round is uploaded.

A new golfer will not have 20 scores to be able to generate a full TrackMan Handicap. Instead, we use the table to establish the Handicap until the full 8 of 20 scores can be used.

When "scores" are mentioned, it doesn't refer to gross score from the player's round. The score in the handicap record is termed a "score differential".


What is a score differential?

A score differential is the difference between a player's adjusted gross score and the course rating, incorporating the slope rating. Score differential is the numerical value attributed to a score achieved on a virtual golf course that is posted to a player's scoring record.

To calculate a score differential from a round, we take the adjusted gross score and convert it for use in the handicap calculation. We do this by taking away the course rating to give a gross differential, and adjusting back to a standard slope rating, effectively de-sloping the course for a standard difficulty.

The calculation for score differential is then:


Where can I find my new TrackMan Handicap?

You can find your TrackMan Handicap in the TrackMan Golf app, or while you are logged into TPS.


I do not think my TrackMan Handicap reflects my playing ability. Can I change it myself?

You cannot make manual changes to the TrackMan Handicap. The only way to affect the Handicap is by playing more rounds.

Safeguards have been introduced to prevent any handicap manipulation. The TrackMan Handicap retains a memory of your lowest handicap within a 365-day period and prevents extreme upward movement. A “Hard Cap” is applied which limits any increase over 3.0 strokes over the Low TrackMan Handicap in that 365-day period.


I sometimes use another handicap indoor. Can I override the TrackMan Handicap with another number?

In a tournament, the host has the option to select between using a manual-input handicap, or the TrackMan handicap, but there is no way to “override” your TrackMan handicap.

You can read more about your TrackMan Handicap by clicking here. If you have any further question or queries regarding the TrackMan Handicap system please don't hesitate to reach out to us by submitting a support ticket here

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