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How To Collect Log Files & Diagnostics From TPS

If you are experiencing issues with TPS misbehaving or performing oddly you may be asked by a member of our support team to collect and send log files or diagnostics to us. After we have received the files we will most likely escalate your case so that our team can further look into the issue.

How To Collect Log Files & Diagnostics From TPS

  • Close TrackMan Performance Studio
  • Select the windows option and search diagnostics
  • Open the diagnostics application
  • Diagnostics.png
  • Select "Create .zip file with currently available settings and log files"
  • Diagnostics_2.png
  • The files will then be created on the Desktop and can then be transferred to an agents PC via a file transfer in Team Viewer or sent via an email to

If you have any issues during this process or have any further questions please don't hesitate in reaching out to us by submitting a support ticket here

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