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Low Disk Space Error Message

If your C: drive gets full to the point where there are less than 5 GB of disk space left, you will notice issues in the performance of TPS and will also be prompted with a Low Disk Space error message warning. When this occurs you will need to clear some storage on your PC following one of the 3 methods below. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly for assistance by submitting a support ticket here

As far as the TrackMan system is concerned, there are 2 things that tend to take up the most disk space, the videos from Shot Analysis, and courses for Virtual Golf. Depending on your usage of the system and your specific situation, you may need to delete some videos or courses from your C: drive. Below are different methods you can go about clearing up some space on your C: drive.

Method 1: Delete Shot Analysis Videos

  1. If you record video in Shot Analysis, then there are likely many videos being stored onto the computer that you can delete if you wish
  2. Close TPS if its open
  3. Open File Explorer on your computer
  4. Navigate to the following file path location. C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio\Videos
    • NOTE: If “ProgramData” is missing, click on the “View” tab at the top of the File Explorer window and check the box that says, “Hidden items.”
  5. Once in this folder, you will see additional folders organized by date. Go through the dates and/or videos to delete as many as you would like until you have sufficient space left
    • Please be aware that once these videos are deleted, they CANNOT be recovered or re-downloaded, so be sure you are okay with the videos being deleted. If you want to transfer the videos to an external hard drive, you may do so. You can also use Method 2 for this as well

Method 2: Configure a 2nd hard drive to hold the space of the TPS videos.

  1. If you have a secondary drive on your computer (normally a D: drive), then you can have the TPS videos stored onto that secondary drive instead of your main C: drive
    • NOTE: You can also use an external USB hard drive with this method as well, it does not need to be internal
  2. Close TPS if its open
  3. On your secondary drive, create a new folder and name it “tpsvideos”
  4. Download the attached TPS Videos config file
  5. Save the TPS.CONFIG in ‘C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio’
  6. Right click the TPS.CONFIG file and open it with notepad
  7. In the file, it’s defaulted to save videos to the following location ‘D:\tpsvideos’ but can be changed to any name. However, the “value” in the config file MUST be identical to the folder you created in your secondary drive. (i.e., tpsvideos)
    • EXAMPLE: If your secondary drive is named “E:” then you would change the value in the config file to “E:\tpsvideos”
    • EXAMPLE 2: If your secondary drive is named “My Passport” then you would change the value in the config file to “My Passport\tpsvideos”
  8. When you insert the new path, then save the settings (Ctrl + S). It will now look like this in the new folder:


  1. Now, you can navigate to the file location here C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio\Videos and transfer all the videos from your C: drive, into the “tpsvideos” folder in your secondary drive
  2. Open TPS and it should be able to find the old videos from the secondary drive now
  3. Confirm that the videos are saving properly onto your secondary drive by hitting a shot and recording a video in Shot Analysis. Save the video, then navigate to your “tpsvideos” folder in your secondary drive and make sure the video saved there
    • Additionally, you may want to confirm that the video did not save in the C: drive.
  4. If the videos are saving in the D: drive/secondary drive properly, then you can go to the following file location on your C: drive, C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio\Videos and delete all the videos

Method 3: Deleting Courses

Some C: drives are smaller than others. For example, many gaming laptops or computers only have hard drives that are 150 – 250 GB in size. Because of this, it limits how much space can be stored onto the hard drive. The TPS software along with all the Virtual Golf content (courses, games etc.) can ONLY be downloaded and run from the main C: drive, it cannot be downloaded onto any secondary drive. If your computer has a small C: drive, then this can limit how many courses you can download.

  • Each course roughly takes up about 600 MB, and with well over 100 courses and games now, with more continuing to be created, this quickly takes up a lot of the space available on the C: drive
  • If your computer is one where there is a very small hard drive, then you will likely not be able to have every course downloaded. However, your computer can be configured so that only certain courses remain downloaded instead of all of them
  1. Close TPS if its open
  2. Navigate to the following file location, C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\Virtual Golf 2\staging
    • Here is where all of the courses are saved onto the computer. You can simply select which courses you wish to delete and delete them
    • NOTE: If you see a “_gamev2” or a “_perfectengine” folder, do not delete those as they are essential files needed to run the software. If you accidentally have deleted them, run a course and they may re-write the files. If not and the courses will not load after that, please submit a support ticket here
  3. Depending on if you had selected to have the software download the courses automatically or not, you will have to continue on with the steps to prevent the software from redownloading the courses you just deleted. If your courses download automatically, please continue. If you have always had to manually download the courses, you do not need to proceed
  4. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet (not the TrackMan unit)
  5. Navigate to the following file location, C:\Users\(USER)\AppData\Local\TrackMan.
    • NOTE: If “AppData” is missing, click on the “View” tab at the top of the File Explorer window and check the box that says, “Hidden items.”
  6. Once here, delete the “TrackMan Performance Studio” folder.
  7. Open TPS
    • You will be prompted to sign back in with your MyTrackMan credentials
  8. Once signed in, connect your computer back to your radar
  9. After you are connected to the radar, go to Settings > Advanced > About
  10. Then click on “Connect to TrackMan and show license”
  11. Connect your computer back to the internet (not the radar)
  12. Navigate to the “Courses” tab, select a course, add a player, and click “install/download”
  13. Once here, you should get a prompt asking if you would like to download all of the course automatically or not. Select NO
    • If you accidentally click “Yes” you will need to repeat steps 5 – 13
  14. Please note that from now on, anytime you download a new course or game, you will always get the prompt to download all the courses automatically. You will need to continue selecting “NO”
    • Moving forward, you can repeat step 3 if you wish to remove any courses or games from your computer

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