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How To Hardwire iOS Cameras

If you would like to hardwire your iOS cameras so you can use them with the TM Camera app please follow the guide below which includes details on all products and instructions you'll need to get the job done.

  • Hardwire the iOS device
  • Adapter & Switch
  • Switch iOS come into Lighting to Ethernet adapter & a network
  • Using the Belkin adapter and a power over ethernet switch will give you the ability to charge and use an ethernet connection to the iPhone. Or you use the Belkin adapter, regular iPhone charger, and a cheaper Gigabit switch if the customer does not mind the extra cable.

Before reviewing the detailed instructions below, please take a look at the products you will need to purchase depending on which of the two options you choose.


Option 1:

Non-POE Switch Purchase

Belkin Adapter Purchase

Cat7 Network Cable Purchase

Option 2:

POE-Switch: TP-Link 8 Port Purchase

Belkin Adapter Purchase

Cat7 Network Cable Purchase



  1. Plug in the switch near the computer or somewhere out of the way
  2. Connect the computer to switch using a Ethernet cable
  3. Connect the TrackMan 4 to the switch using a Ethernet cable
  4. Connect Belkin adapter to the iOS device
  5. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Belkin adapter and then to one of the POE ports on the switch
  6. Download the Belkin|Connect application from the App Store
  7. Verify that the iPhone is charging
  8. Go to settings on the iOS device and verify that underneath Wi-Fi an Ethernet option has appeared
  9. Open TM Camera application and connect to the TrackMan 4
  10. Repeat for other iOS devices
  11. Setup TPS as normal

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